Aspire Women for Excellence

About AWE Group

This is a community of Women who are aspiring to have an everyday faith and a virtuous lifestyle.

Are you looking for a place to where you can get the support and inspiration you need to move forward to be that Proverbs 31 Woman? Well, this is that place.

We welcome all women on there unique journey in life and position. So join us if you are 18 or 81 and if you are a single career woman or a stay-at-home mom of 5 kids.

Why is AWE a
Prov31 Ministry?



The book of Proverbs is full of word pictures that help us understand deep truths. in the long passage found in the 31st chapter, we learn still more about her.

Verse after verse, this passage of scripture affirms our identity as women. The woman we see in Prov31 is committed to her relationships; her husband and children depend on her and are blessed by her. She works hard and efficiently, with initiative and creativity. She knows how to use her skills to make money, but she also reaches out to those in need. She takes care of herself as well. Each detail is not meant to describe a specific, single woman. In other words, we don['t need to add them to our to-do list! Instead, Prov31 shows us a larger picture of what we are all capable of being as women. It's like a mirror God holds up for us to look into -- and then He says, "See? This is who I created you to be."

As women, God calls us to embody love and wisdom. Each of us will do that differently, with our unique skills and individual strengths -- but we all have amazing things to offer the world. We don't need to be afraid to be strong, to be wise, to try new things. God believes in us!

This is the sort of group that's intended you to get involved, to learn and grow together in community. Doing so will help you to apply what God is telling you into your own life. Hear what God has to say to you through the Prov31 woman!

Our Events

Coffee with Friends

1st & 3rd Fridays @ 2:30 pm Central Time

Women's Coffee Chats

Virtual - Zoom

Within AWE, our passion is to equip Christian Women on their faith journey. This get-together, over Zoom, is for us to come together, be inspired and to discover the beautiful journey of the Christ-Center Womanhood.

AWE Ladies Time Out Dinner Socials


Once A Month

In this monthly Women’s group, we are going to skip the small talk and engage in more conversations about what really matters to us so we can create authentic connections and have meaningful conversations that support each other. (Women 18+ Only)


Ways to Stay Connected and Support AWE


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