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Thank you for checking us out. Right now, we are doing a little Updating. We are looking for a new Organizer to take over Christian business Leaders. By June 21, Christian Business Leaders will not longer be part of The Live Your Faith Co. You can join the Meetup to stay in touch with this transition. Thank You!!!

Christian Business Leaders (CBL) Community is for entrepreneurs and leaders who want to boldly and confidently grow their business and influence in the business world without compromising their core values and faith.

We are a group that started as a Christian business networking group built on the foundation of faith. We are a group of Christian individuals representing various business industries within out Christian community (not limited by an area of the country). Through inspiration and empowerment, we aim to create a group that strives to honor our faith and the integrity of our profession. We strive to welcome new members, share our business, and faith with one another.

How to Get Involved into our Community

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What makes us different?


- Christian Business Leaders Community was created to have a community of believers that can come together that have the freedom to talk about their profession and faith all in once sentence.

- Christian Business Leaders Community is focused on business and personal and spiritual growth! From marketing to your personal walk with Christ, we work hard to deliver topics that help Entrepreneurs & leaders elevate all areas of their lives.

- Christian Business Leaders Community strives for relationships, not transactions. We believe building community is the best way to build ourselves. We're not the kind of group that blindly passes out business cards - we're the kind of group who gets to know you in all your Amazing Uniqueness.

- Christian Business Leaders Community encourages you to show up as you are! Whether you're on top of the world or you broke down in tears a few minutes ago, we're here for all of it. In this community, you'll never have to "put your game face on" or pretend to smile - we value authenticity.


What kind of events goes on in our community?

Network Meeting: 1st & 3rd Thursday @ 6:30am Pacific / 9:30am Eastern 

Free event

Come and meet Christian Leaders like you and grow personally and professionally at this event! If you are a Business Owner/Leader or a Leader in your Church/Community, this is a great group for you to connect with others and talk about your Faith and "Business" in the same sentence. Grab a cup of whatever you drink and share some time talking about business and the Lord. Let’s build a network of brothers and sisters whom serve this community in various industries and support each other along the way!

on hold -- Elite Lunch & beInspired: 2nd Monday of the month @ 10:30-12p Pacific / 1:30-3p Eastern

Cost: $5 Participation fee

This is a lunchtime educational virtual workshop. Meet professional Christians like you and grow personally and professionally at this dynamic educational event! Ditch the elevator pitch - this event support connection and collaboration! You're invited to have fun, participate, and support Christian Leaders at this interactive event!

on hold -- Elite Creative Content Sessions: 4th Monday of the month @ 12-2p Pacific / 3-5p Eastern

Cost: $5 Participation fee 

Strategize your content for the next 30 days so you know what to post and when for your business.

on hold -- Elite 6-Week Masterminds

Cost: $30 Participation fee

Could you use a little support, accountability, or feedback? Want a personal board of directors that has your back, who will ask you thought-provoking questions, give you honest feedback and inspire you? How about a team who is rooting for your success, who will hold you accountable to your heart's desires and who will help you figure out what to do and what is getting in your way? 

A Mastermind is a safe space to talk about what you are working on, get ideas, feedback, support, inspiration, accountability and SO much more. Set meaningful goals and know that the space is set for you to really achieve them, or have a group to help you figure out what is in the way when you don't. Connect with an intimate group of Christian Business Leader members. Step into a space where you can grow your confidence, focus, skills and impact to create the life you are longing for. 

Access to our Facebook Group for all CBL Community

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